You can now improve your orgasms with a vagina injection

Written by Noah Bethilda

You can now get an injection to help your orgasms [Getty]

Studies have shown that one out of ten women have never enjoyed having an orgasm, and a massive five out of ten women suffer from pain during intercourse. 

Other women all around the world struggle to even reach orgasm during intercourse. 

Which explains why so many women go to doctors for treatments to help them enjoy a better sex life. 

And the latest craze is one that – while it sounds scary – might just be the answers to their prayers. 

Woman having orgasm during sexual intercourse. Close up on her hand.Women are turning to the O-shot for a better sex life [Getty]

North Hollywood, California, USA.  The O-shot is a 10-minute pain-free procedure [Getty]

You can now receive an orgasm shot, also known as an O-Shot, into your vagina and clitoris which is said to improve you sex life. 

The ‘O-shot’ is a regenerative medicine procedure from America, and is now available in the UK. 

It is a non-surgical procedure which involves injecting platelets extracted from blood plasma into the vagina and clitoris.

Dr Victoria Gauba is the only qualified practitioners in Hampshire for O-Shot along with her husband, Prem Gauba. 

Talking about the procedure, Dr Victoria said: “The O-shot is a 10-minute pain-free procedure. 

“We start by collecting the blood from the vein and then placing it into the centrifuge to separate the plasma from the red cells. 

“We then activate the plasma with a bit of calcium, apply numbing cream to the vaginal mucosa and clitoris and inject the PRP.”

From the users of the procedure, a massive 90 per cent have seen improvement. 

Cropped shot of anonymous couple having sex under a blue-patterned duvet.A massive 90 per cent have seen improvement [Getty]

A 64 year old patient of the O-shot, Marcia Hollander, has expressed her amazement over the changes, explaining: “I realised that as much as I was turned on, my response and my ability to reach an orgasm had diminished, a lot because of age and hormonal changes. 

“The O-Shot enhanced my response and my enjoyment more than I ever enjoyed it as a younger woman. It totally changed my life.”

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