Peerspace Shares Tips on the Marketplaces for Unique Venues

Written by Noah Bethilda

The behind-the-scenes decisions event planners and coordinators make in curating successful and unique event experiences for their clients and their guest–from coming up with innovative theme ideas and interesting decor to often complex logistical solutions and scheduling–takes a special kind of talent and skill set.  

When an event unfolds according to plan, credit justifiably goes to the event planner whose hard work and ideas make everything possible. But, the event planning industry and short-term rental space market are in a rapid growth phase, and clients’ expectations on event plans and outcomes are at an all-time high point. 

When facing these new, often unexpected client expectations and the increase in demand for innovative ideas, how can event planners be sure to capitalize on all their hard work?  What can consistently make their events stand out and help build them a reputation of wowing clients?  

One of the most important processes in planning an event is finding the perfect creative venue. Fortunately, venue marketplaces like Peerspace make finding unique spaces for any activity easy and enjoyable. Modern tech-based platforms not only encourage but also provide an efficient and reliable method for event planners to gather ideas, gain valuable information about each unique space, and share that information with their clients before booking, ensuring that the overall outcome will be exponentially more creative, inspiring, and successful.

Here are four tips for finding your next favorite event space:


Photo courtesy Peerspace

Versatile Airy Loft, Los Angeles

1. Flex Your Versatility

For good reason, flex-spaces are quickly becoming one of the most sought-after and successful venue offerings.  Venues are actively embracing the flex-space philosophy to adjust to shifting markets and become visible to and bookable for a broader range of activity types. “Finding and relying on a venue that makes transitioning from a modern, tech-inclusive, creative meeting and co-working space during the day to a hip, trendy, contemporary event space in the evening look easy should be a priority for every modern event planner.  Your ability to offer your services to cover a range of clients’ needs when you have an established a relationship with flex-space is easy because you do not have to run out searching for a new venue every time a client comes to you with a new activity type or distinctive theme idea” says Rony Chammas, CEO of Peerspace.  Instead, just reach out to your friendly flex-space provider and let them know what you’re planning.  Flex-space hosts tend to be highly creative and experienced event professionals who are sure to offer helpful suggestions and ideas to contribute to the goal of a distinctive and enjoyable experience.


Photo courtesy Peerspace

High-Tech Multi-Purpose Loft, San Francisco

2. The Future is Tech Forward

As our personal lives become more and more reliant on our gadgets, many clients and guests expect certain tech-convenience to always be at their disposal.  Look for venues that include surround-sound systems, alternate lighting solutions, high-speed Wi-Fi, projectors, screens, computers and more.  Reaching out to venues that include these new necessities can help to cut down on time managing extra vendors who would normally provide these ancillary items, and give you more time to spend on the creative design of your event.

Photo courtesy Peerspace

Bank Vault Meeting Room, New York

3. Embrace the Unusual

Perhaps a repurposed vintage train car or a slew of converted caravans.  In the old days when ballrooms and conference rooms were standard, an unusual venue may have been thought of as too odd for a given purpose, but today, tech tools and platforms like Peerspace are shining a light on “hidden gems” that are highly unique, and planners and clients are finding consistent and creative uses for them. The beauty of an unusual venue is that a lot of the creative theme work is already done.  Perhaps you want to maximize the vintage feel of the train car or caravans with a turn-of-the-century themed event, create an interesting juxtaposition through bringing in contemporary modern elements, or just let it ride and let the interesting venue speak for itself.  Whatever plan you decide to go with, when you choose a highly unique venue, your own creative ideas are sure to flow.

Photo courtesy Peerspace

Unique Architectural Gem, Los Angeles

4. All-In-One Assistance

Modern, tech-based venue finding platforms include a range of assistance and services beyond offering and booking unique venues.  Having trouble finding a reliable A/V company?  Need some help with transportation for getting guests to the event?  Need quality culinary options?  Have a complex event idea you need some help figuring out?  Modern platforms are highly inclusive and offer a range of concierge services.  When all your resources come through one efficient platform your energy and skills are reserved to apply to what you do best—create the ultimate experience for your clients!

Jai Singh is head of growth and marketing at Peerspace. Jai is a high-impact marketing executive with experience leading various facets of marketing. He has held marketing leadership positions at Peerspace, Facebook, TripAdvisor, and Vistaprint. During his 10-plus years in marketing and additional time in broader consulting at Accenture, he has generated over $500 million in cumulative revenue and over 200 million in monthly active user growth.