New eBook for Download: Gain More Power Over Your Live Events

Written by Noah Bethilda

Event planners and marketers have a common nemesis: the digital divide between live events and the analytics that prove their worth. It can feel as great as a leap from the tallest of buildings. The inability to capture event attendees’ activities and digitally analyze their data has plagued event insights and ROI for decades.

Why is this so important? Information gathered onsite can help planners build more engaging, personalized experiences for attendees. That same data can help marketers speed up the sales pipeline to better target and convert leads, year over year. And this data disconnect means a goldmine of critical event information is being underutilized at best, completely ignored at worst.

But no longer.

Download our free interactive eBook, Gain More Power Over Your Live Events, for tips on the most effective ways meeting planners, event producers, and marketers can improve their event’s commercial and attendee impact.

In this eBook, you’ll also learn how to:

  • Build a richer profile of your attendees, pre-event through post-event.
  • Get instant feedback on their interests and preferences.
  • Continue the conversation online.
  • Capture the flow of your event.

Click here for your free copy today.

John Hunter

Written by John Hunter

Living and breathing words is more to me than a way to pay the bills, it’s a passion. Whether it’s a blog post, a tweet, an eBook, or a feature article, video script or white paper – yes, this includes even finally finishing that film treatment over the weekend. It’s going to be great, I promise.

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