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How Both Whey and Plant-Based Protein Weight Loss Shakes Can Benefit Your Exercise

Protein is an essential part of any fitness regimen, including workout and weight loss. With so many different types of protein added to weight loss shakes it can be overwhelming trying to understand what’s good and what’s not. Typically, weight loss shakes will have a whey or plant-based protein. Both are great choices to have in your weight loss shakes as they both promote a healthy, all natural way of dropping pounds.

Whey is the most popular of the two. Plant-based proteins are amino acids we get from plants, such as: sunflower, rice, peas, and hemp. They promote the feeling of being full for longer, so you can go longer between meals and revitalizing your body after a tough workout.

Here is a brief look at how both plant-based and whey protein improve your exercise regimen. First, let’s explore the differences!

Whey vs. plant-based protein

Whey protein is derived from milk, while plant-based proteins come from, well, plants. Coming from animals, whey provides a complete, well-balanced source of protein. If it’s protein you want, then whey is what you should be grabbing off the shelves. However, if you are vegetarian you might want to reach for weight loss shakes that have plant-based proteins instead. In addition, plant-based proteins are hypoallergenic. So, if you have allergies to dairy, or are simply lactose intolerant, plant-based is a good option.

Because whey proteins are made from milk they also contain lactose. If you are not lactose intolerant, your body naturally produces enzymes to digest whey faster than plant-based proteins. This makes whey the ideal option for pre-workout shakes that provide quick, sustainable energy for exercising. Plant-based protein weight loss shakes are more effective as a post-workout shake as they provide various healing nutrients in addition to protein. If you want to enjoy the revitalizing and repairing benefits that plant-based proteins give your body after a workout make sure to grab weight loss shakes that have plant-based proteins.

Whey and plant-based proteins for workouts

It is highly recommended to pair weight loss shakes with a healthy diet and exercise so you can utilize the full benefits of the protein the weight loss shakes provide. I also recommend having a balanced diet that allows you to benefit from both types of protein. Unless you have allergies or you’re lactose-intolerance, incorporating both whey and plant-based proteins will have several huge benefits.

Protein is important for muscle synthesis, or the growth, development, and recovery following strenuous exercise. Growing lean muscle is a perfect way to burn unwanted fat. When you workout, your muscles are tasked with providing the stamina and endurance needed for exercise. This is why it is extremely important to provide the best nutrition to repair your muscles. This will not only improve your workout performance, but also raises your metabolism so you burn fat faster.

With more energy and a full stomach, it will be easier to focus on your performance in the gym. Pre-workout whey protein shakes can provide a boost in energy to keep you training harder, for longer. A post-workout plant-based protein shake can then be used to provide recovery nutrients and antioxidants.

Whey and plant-based protein for weight loss

Weight loss is achieved when you burn more calories than you consume. Weight gain is the opposite. Adding optimal amounts of whey and plant-based protein to your weight loss drinks can help you curb hunger and, in turn, you will consume fewer calories. This, combined with more energy for your workouts, will make it easier to burn more calories working out, helping you reach your weight loss goals faster.

Protein also provides nutrition that allows you to gain lean muscles and metabolize stubborn fat. Only add about 15-20g protein in your weight loss shakes. This is the optimal amount required to curb hunger and provide more energy for your workouts.


If you’re serious about taking your exercise regimen to the next level, using optimal amounts of protein, whether it’s whey or plant-based, is essential to helping you burn fat faster. Weight loss shakes have a variety of benefits to help increase the amount of energy you have during a workout and aiding in the recovery of your muscles post workout. In addition, weight loss shakes provide an array of beneficial nutrients and vitamins to help you stay on track with your diet. However, whichever protein you decide to integrate into your weight loss shakes, do your research to make sure it will help you keep in line with your weight loss and fitness goals.