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Headshots Los Angeles – How To Pick The Best Headshot Photographer

Do you want to increase your chances of being called to acting auditions? If the answer is yes, then you need to pay attention to the information contained in this article. With the film industry becoming more competitive, aspiring actors and actresses require more than just an impressive resume to get called up for auditions. While a good resume is important, a fantastic headshot will significantly boost your chances of being considered for auditions.

Just like every other thing that has to do with movies and acting, headshots Los Angeles boast of the very best headshot photographers. With that said, how can one find the best headshot photographer in LA? Well, you don’t need to be an expert in order to pick the right photographer. All you need to do is to follow the guidelines suggested below and you should have your first headshot in no time.

How Much Do Headshots Cost?

Unfortunately, Headshots Los Angeles prices are not fixed. It is important to have a very good idea of how much these actor headshots cost especially if you are on a budget. On a general scale, professional headshot photographers in LA charge from $99 to $1000 or more in some cases. And since they are mostly independent photographers, you can search their personal profiles to have a better idea of their charges.

Asides the varying price range, professional headshot photographers also offer their services in packages. This may include a number of features that may or may not appeal to you. The most common features of these packages are: printing options, number of looks, and length of photo shoot.

You should note that most of the packages you will come across won’t include hair and makeup. But do not worry, with as little as a $100 or $200, you should be able to get a great look. As a result, headshot packages offered in Los Angeles, are categorized into four distinct groups.

1. Budget

The good news here is that you can get an actor headshot within the range of $100-150. The bad news, however, is that most photographers do not offer this package. Unless you are on a tight budget, this package is not a great option. It’s doubtful that you will get the best quality headshot. But if you insist on sticking with this low-budget package, it advisable to have a better headshot when your finances are better.

2. Good

This is a great package for newbies and aspiring actors. It costs within the range of $150-$450 per session. It is quite easy to find headshot photographers in LA who offer their services within this price range. Though this is a great place to start for novices, other people looking for a professional headshot, can also take advantage of this “not too expensive” package.

3. Expensive

With prices ranging from $500-$800, this package is great for aspiring actors. The quality of the headshots you get will increase your chances of being called to acting auditions. However, if hair and makeup are not included and you are on a budget, this package may be a little expensive for you. Professional actors and actresses use this package the most because of the quality of the headshots that results.

4. Over priced

This package is mostly for established professionals, and they cost well above the $800 mark. There is no need to use this package if you are just an aspiring actor. You can consider it when you eventually become an established musician or actor.

Headshots Los Angeles: How to Get the Best Photographer?

Thanks to the advancement in technology, this is not a difficult task to do. It is as simple as searching for the best headshot photographers in Los Angeles on the internet, and an extensive list of professional photographers will pop up. All you need to do is to carry out an in-depth research about them and the packages they offer. This will help you choose the best package that fits your needs. You should also consider recommendations from fellow actors and mentors.

Headshot Sessions

Just like the process of locating a good headshot photographer, headshot sessions are not complicated. In fact, headshots sessions are fun. Once you have selected your photographer and a date is set for the photo shoot, all you need to do is to prepare. Knowing exactly what you want from the shoot will make the session even easier and faster. A session could last as long as 2 hours depending on your preferences. Sometimes a change in location is required, so the shoot could either be done indoor or outdoor.

Once the session is over, the best LA headshots are saved on an external drive and you can ask for a print out of the photos you liked