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Comparison Between a Mocha Weight Loss Shakes and Coffee

Recently, using weight loss shakes has become increasingly popular. This is because of the many advantages that come with a weight loss shake. Topping the list includes the ease of preparing the shakes, the ease of consumption and the convenience these shakes come with. Due to this increase in demand for shakes, many people have continued to replace a weight loss shake with all them food for the day, which is not correct. This is because shakes contain only some of the nutrients required by the body and continued use may lead to deficiencies. Shakes come in a variety of flavors depending on consumer preference. The mocha flavored weight loss shake is one of the meal replacement shakes in the market. Containing only 110 calories in every serving, mocha flavored shake has become popular among many people. Mocha flavored shake is a balanced blend of the chocolate and coffee flavors in the weight loss shake that is a good alternative to coffee. The combination of carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins in the shake together with the taste of the weight loss shake gives you benefits that exceed the ones coffee gives you.

Mocha weight loss shakes Vs Coffee

Coffee causes you to crash whereas a sugar free weight loss shake gives you sustainable energy. By eliminating your body’s need for sugar, while your coworkers grab their second cup of coffee you’re still feeling energized by your weight loss shakes. Sugar, which people frequently use in their coffee to offset the bitter taste, has empty calories. Empty calories are basically what they sound like, calories with no nutritional value yet add to your calorie count. When you love the taste of coffee but hate the sugar crash, trying a weight loss shake, which gives you highly nutritional forms of calories is a smarter way to go.

Why mocha flavored shake is sweeter than Coffee

With that information it is easy to understand that mocha is a kind of coffee that has a subtle taste of chocolate in it. Preparation of a mocha flavored weight loss shake requires strong and chilled coffee, milk, sugar, ice cream, chocolate or syrup and salt. The sugar provides a sweet flavor as compared to the taste of coffee that might be crisp and bright. The chocolate and the ice cream on the other hand are responsible for the smooth taste of the shake. The combination of these two ingredients also prevent the shake from being overly sweet. With the mocha flavored weight loss shake, there is a lot of ingredients used to prepare it. The combination of these ingredients including other plant and animal proteins in measured amounts leads to the production of a distinct combination of well blended and refined taste.

This combination of many flavors to produce one distinct taste helps to prevent the taste of one ingredient from completely dominating the shake. Coffee on the other hand is only prepared by brewing the ground coffee beans with either milk or water. There may be addition of other ingredients to enhance the taste depending on the preference of the consumer. This however means that the strong taste of the coffee will be very pronounced and may not taste as good as the mocha flavored shakes. People who have complications that arise from consumption of acidic foods and drinks may also prefer mocha flavored shakes to coffee. This is because of the strong acidic taste that coffee has especially when brewed without milk. Mocha flavored weight loss shakes may taste better than coffee because the consumer is free to use ice cubes with the drink. Cold drinks generally tend to taste better than warm drinks.


Mocha is just another type of coffee but it is brewed slightly different from coffee. The mocha flavored weight loss shake is a normal shake which has a coffee taste with a hint of chocolate in it. This makes the shake very delicious and preferable to coffee due to its smooth taste. Mocha flavored shakes are also sweeter due to the presence of other ingredients like proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins that all combine to produce a sweet taste compared to the acidic taste of coffee.