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BT, Symantec partner to provide endpoint protection for UK SMEs

Written by Noah Bethilda

BT customers are set to gain access to Symantec endpoint security offerings in efforts to take on the increasingly dangerous threat landscape.

SME businesses in the UK are to gain the ability to leverage the Symantec endpoint protection capabilities as a cloud-based service, with the services intended to be tailored to BT customers specifically.

A license relating to the new capabilities will grant the user the ability to apply the business-grade protection software to three devices, providing an all-encompassing approach to security.

Mark Hughes, CEO, BT Security, said: “SMEs are just as vulnerable to cyber-attacks as larger enterprises, and as the powerhouse of the UK economy, they need more protection from the rapidly evolving cyber-crime industry. By adding Symantec endpoint protection to our already broad security portfolio, we are further extending our ability to help our customers stay secure in the face of growing cyber threats. It is an integral part of our shared commitment with Symantec to help organisations of all sizes stay secure as they build on their digital future.”

GDPR is fast approaching, and this is proving to be a major motivator for businesses to enhance their security capabilities. If an organisation fails to be compliant, a substantial fine could be imposed.

Mike Fey, president and COO at Symantec said: “Enterprises large and small are facing a perfect storm with a growing attack surface, intensifying regulatory scrutiny and an increasingly sophisticated cyber kill chain. Today’s attacks are multi-faceted, multi-staged and the endpoint is one of the most critical vulnerabilities.”

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Collaboration for heightened security is a growing trend within the industry, with approaches to security requiring multiple edges to take on complex attacks. While in some instance attacks are becoming more sophisticated, many basic attacks continue to prove devastating.

“Responding to this rapidly evolving threat landscape requires an integrated cyber defence strategy, with best-in-class systems that can work together, becoming greater than the sum of their parts. In continuing to grow the Symantec capabilities offered within BT’s security portfolio, BT’s business customers will be able to build and benefit from the most comprehensive security platform in the market,” Fey said.

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