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Review of The Best Diet Shakes For Ever

diet shakes

2018 is coming to a close and 2019 is about to start. Many people are going to make a New Year’s resolution to lose weight in the coming year. A good number of those people will try diet meal replacement shakes to accomplish their goals and want to find the one that works the best.

What is a Diet Shake?

Diet shakes have been around for quite a while. Over the years, they have improved in both quality and taste. Though most come in powder form to be mixed with water, milk or juice, some are premixed and usually packaged in cans. What a best diet shake is intended for is to replace a meal to help lower overall calorie intake. The meal these shakes replace is either breakfast or lunch and sometimes both. The shakes are to provide protein, vitamins and fiber at a low calorie count while making you feel full.

What is in Diet Shakes?

The specific ingredients in diet shakes will vary from one to another but they all have certain things in common. All will have a good amount of protein. Most have whey protein but more are now using plant-based proteins. Vitamins are also put into the formula of these shakes and include vitamins A, biotin, the B vitamins (1, 2, 3, 5, 6 and 12), C, D, E, K and folate. Minerals are also included as they are essential nutrients. To make the shakes taste good, flavorings and sweeteners are added. More often than not, natural flavorings are used so the shakes are viewed more favorably. Though some shakes use sugar to sweeten them, most are now using natural non-sugar sweeteners like stevia.

How do Diet Shakes Work?

Diet shakes work as meal replacements by providing protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber with a low calorie count. The protein helps with energy as well as maintaining lean muscle. Vitamins and minerals provide the needed nutrients for the body that would otherwise have been taken in by eating a regular meal. Fiber is an essential part of what makes these shakes work as it is the fiber that makes you feel full so you don’t feel as though you missed a meal.

Do Diet Shakes Work?

The answer to the question of whether diet shakes work is both yes and no. They work if you modify your eating the rest of the time so you are eating well balanced meals. Exercising also helps the shakes work as losing weight is always better done when calories are burned as well as limited.

The best diet shakes don’t work very well if you mix the shake with juice containing a lot of sugar and/or eat a lot of high calorie foods the rest of the day. Many people who think the shakes don’t work at all have expected the shakes to work like a magic pill all by themselves so they can eat whatever they want otherwise. Regardless of the method used, weight loss takes work.

How Much Do Weight Loss Shakes Cost?

The cost of using meal replacement diet shakes varies a great deal. A lot depends on where they are purchased. Some can only be bought through the company that makes them while others are made available through the local grocery store. There are a lot of avenues to get them in between as well. A month’s supply can range from $20 dollars to over $100.

Best Rated Diet Shakes:

310 Shake

310 Shake

This shake is one that even vegetarians can feel comfortable using because it uses plant-based proteins such as pea protein and hemp protein. It is also sugar-free and free of artificial sweeteners. Those who need to avoid gluten and/or dairy will find they can use the 310 Shake as it is gluten and dairy free. No soy is included in the ingredients either.

Along with the plant proteins, these shakes contain amino acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and the superfood greens that have become well known.

Pros: The portion control of the shakes helps people in their quest to lose weight. The nutrients in the shakes helps to build lean muscle. They are very convenient to use on the go and the ease of digestion helps maintain the health of your digestive tract.


18 ShakeThis shake was reviewed by Diets in Review as their number one choice in diet shakes. It is made entirely of natural ingredients. It has a high amount of protein in what they call their Duo Protein Complex, which consists of whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate. Whey protein is better absorbed by the body so it is a very healthy way to get protein while trying to lose weight. To help in suppressing the appetite, 18 shake has high quality fiber that helps dieters feel full longer. No artificial flavors or sweeteners are used in making this shake that contains 18 vitamins while only having 90 calories per serving. 18 shake has a pleasant texture, and comes in great tasting flavors such as Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry and Cookies and Cream. Recipes are available to make delicious smoothies so a variety of different tastes are possible.

Pros: Comes in a good variety of flavors and recipes can be used to make smoothies that boost flavor and nutrition.

Cons: Price is a little high for a single bag though when bought in bulk, the pricing is better. Though there are not really any known side effects, some people may experience some nausea or upset stomach from some of the ingredients.

Ideal Lean Shake

Ideal Lean ShakeThe Ideal Lean Shake is a protein shake geared primarily toward women. It has only been on the market since about 2015 so it is still fairly new. It does have a couple of flavors that seem to be polar opposites in acceptance. These flavors are Chocolate Brownie and French Vanilla. The chocolate brownie flavor has been compared to eating rich, decadent chocolate while the French Vanilla is not well liked by many.

Like many best diet shakes, the Ideal Lean Shake is whey protein based. The 20 grams of protein are blended with a number of good micronutrients to make a shake that is low in carbs and contains no sugar.

Pros: Has a good amount of protein for maintaining lean muscle.

Cons: The vanilla flavor is far from good according to reviews. Side effects might include gas, upset stomach and possibly nausea.

Shakeology Shake

Shakeology ShakeMost other diet shakes use either whey protein or plant-based protein but Shakeology Shakes use both. They do offer some flavors with just plant proteins so those who need to avoid dairy have options suitable for them. Soy protein is not used so those who want to avoid soy have no need to worry.

Shakeology uses over 70 ingredients, including stevia and fructose as sweeteners. Many of the ingredients are unnecessary and add little to nothing to the nutrition. Nutritionally, it falls behind many other shakes.

Pros: The whey protein is good quality and the shake can be mixed with just about any liquid.

Cons: People have said they don’t like the taste. The shakes have too many unneeded ingredient while having an excess of sugars. The shakes are too expensive for most people and people need to sign up for auto ship to get the product.

GNC Lean Shake

GNC Lean ShakeAt 25 grams of protein, the GNC Lean Shake supplies a good amount of protein. The proteins in this shake consist of whey protein concentrate, skim milk and protein blends. As dairy is the main protein source and soy is an ingredient, those with dietary restrictions to these ingredients may want to avoid this shake.

In addition to soy and dairy, other ingredients that people may wish to avoid include salt, sucralose and artificial flavorings. In spite of these ingredients, these diet shakes do have good nutrients and fiber. They are higher in calories per serving at 200 calories than most of the other diet shakes but still fall within the best meal replacement calorie range.

Pros: Comes in powder or premixed. Can be purchased in local stores.

Cons: Has more side effects than many other diet shakes and include constipation, diarrhea, nausea, mild headaches or migraines.

Are Weight loss Shake safe & Healthy?

Whether weight loss shakes are safe and healthy depends on how they are used. For most people, if the shakes are used to replace only one meal, two at most, for a short time, they are safe and relatively healthy. If they are relied on for weight loss to the point of using them to replace all meals even for a short time or to replace one or two meals for an extended period of time, they can be unsafe and unhealthy.

What the Bottom Line is on Diet Shakes

Since we can’t see what the best is for 2019 yet, we have to go by what was considered the best in 2018 and that is enough to give us a boost into the New Year. For those of us resolving to lose weight in 2019, we can use the information gleaned throughout 2018 to guide us in our quest to find the best diet shake to help us shed pounds of excess weight through the New Year.

Before you start using diet shakes to lose weight, be sure you read everything so you know how to use them properly. Remember that there is no magic pill to lose weight with no effort. Even with the help of diet shakes, you still have to watch how you eat the rest of the time.

Now, many people have fewer excuses to get rid of that excess weight. They can choose one of these diet meal replacement shakes, establish an exercise regimen they can stick with and find themselves slimmer by the start of 2020.