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Benefits and drawbacks of meal replacement shakes

There are many possible reasons one would choose a shake over a regular meal

  • They help you lose weight faster
  • They are very convenient
  • Easy to prepare

Let’s look at the pros and cons in detail:

Helps manage weight

Studies have shown that meal replacement shakes help you lose weight faster than a low carbohydrate diet. Many scientists believe replacing meals with protein shakes help you lose weight faster as it makes you feel fuller.


Meal replacement shakes are not able to provide you with all the essential nutrients like antioxidants and other vitamins. For each time you substitute a meal with a meal replacement shake have a snack like a small fruit salad or a portion of brown rice.


Shakes are obviously easier to prepare compared to wholesome meals. You can travel with them, and have it on the go when you’re in a rush.

Keeping the weight off

You cannot solely depend on meal replacement shakes to help you lose weight. You need to follow a healthy diet and exercise in order to lose weight effectively. If you drink meal replacements shakes but maintain poor eating habits you may regain your lost weight.

Lastly before you start with meal replacement diets consult an expert who can tell you exactly what to do and what will suit you best. Always seek out shakes that feature whole food ingredients, have a variety of vitamins and minerals and contain only small amounts of added sugar.