AnalystPrep – Building the Foundation for Your Future as a Chartered Financial Analyst

AnalystPrep is comprised of a team of young and motivated professionals based in Montreal, Canada. Many of us, having experienced exactly what you’re going through and walked many a mile in your shoes, have made it our mission to develop and provide preparation material for the CFA® examinations. 

We know what it’s like, we’ve been through it before, and if we had exam preparation material similar to what we’re offering you, we’d have had a lot easier ride through the entire process. When we were studying for the level 1 exam, we really struggled finding the easy to manage and relevant content necessary to help us study, which is why we decided to create this website and the content we’ve made available.

Our program is an industry leader when it comes to earning the Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA) credential. This is the most renowned and esteemed investment management qualification in the world. The CFA learning package that we offer provides you the strongest possible foundation for advanced investment analysis and practical portfolio management techniques that will give you the edge in your career going forward.

What differentiates the AnalystPrep Product from the others?

We enable you to learn the CFA® curriculum in just a fraction of the time with our extremely concise and efficient Curriculum Guide. With material that may seem daunting at first, the AnalystPrep product allows the learning experience to be converted into something our students find extremely stimulating and thought-provoking. 

Our highly manageable 45-page Guide is a crash course reviewing every LOS and, just before your exam, enables you to learn every formula necessary to absolutely crush the CFA® level 1 exam with our Condensed Formula Sheet.

So what do you get when you sign up with AnalystPrep? 

We’ll do our best to include as much learning material as possible without bombarding you with unnecessary ‘stuff’. We’ll give you exactly what information you need to prepare for you for your exam in the best way possible! When signing up with AnalystPrep you’ll receive you the following: 

· 145-page Study Guide

· 45-page Crash Course

· Condensed Formula Sheet

· Printable PDFs

· Mobile-friendly

· Up-to-date 2016

And remember, registering is FREE!

Practice Makes Perfect, but only if you’re practicing ‘well’

So you spend just about the whole day, every day, for weeks on end studying, you’d expect to do well, right? Not exactly – it really depends on the material you’re studying from, in addition to your techniques. Given that your studying techniques are well refined, the ’10 000 hour rule’ doesn’t apply if the practice isn’t ‘deliberate’. In this regard, AnalystPrep will change the game for you by making every single study session you have as meaningful and effective as possible! 

It’s also true that the best way to maximize your chance of passing (and acing) the CFA® level 1 exam is to practice, as much as possible. And with a comprehensive question bank that we provide, which covers every single LOS, you won’t be caught looking like a deer in head lights when you encounter something unfamiliar in the exam. If there’s one thing that we’re certain of, it’s that we’ll prepare you, very well! The question bank and mock exam feature allows you to print out our mock exams and time yourself in order to test your performances, just as if it were exam day! It’s this kind of deliberate practice that also leaves you far less anxious before and during the actual exam – it’s almost as if you’ve written it already. It’s then just a matter of strolling in on exam day and writing.

Measuring outcomes is crucial for improvement

How do you know if you’re improving if you don’t measure it? Carefully developed analytics software that we provide allows you to adapt your study techniques and enhance your strategies. The only way to find your strength’s and weaknesses’ is by testing yourself and measuring outcomes as you go along. Our specially designed software allows you to manage your time, track your progress and compare your results with other students. Just some of the highly innovative tools that performance -Prep includes are:

· Score by Chapter

· Strongest and Weakest Chapter

· Compare Yourself

· Day to Day Progress

· Time Management Chart

…and Much More!

We understand that some of you might reside from different backgrounds. Strengths and weaknesses will vary considerably – that’s just life. For example, a person with an accounting background might have it a lot easier than someone from an engineering background. With this in mind it’s crucial that you know where your pitfalls are and improve on them as soon as possible with the tools you have at your disposal. 

To conclude, AnalystPrep is just that, a tool – and based on all the success stories our candidates are sharing, it must be a pretty darn handy tool at that!