Yakima FullBack 2 trunk rack review

Yakima’s FullBack 2 is a trunk-mounted two-bike rack. Unlike roof-mounted bike trays, or hitch-mounted rear racks, strap-on trunk racks typically cost less, are much easier to install, remove and store, and can leave your car unfettered of any semi-permanent pieces.

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Yakima FullBack 2 installation and first impressions

Unboxing the FullBack 2 and putting it on a vehicle is pretty straightforward. It’s surprising though that the straps require threading through the mounting hooks; which seems like it should be done at the factory.


Interestingly, the rack attaches to the vehicle with only two upper and two lower straps, with nothing on the sides. Despite having two fewer straps to other trunk racks, it feels snug and secure. The straps are plenty long and smartly Yakima includes little loops to manage the excess strap length. 

The integrated lock is pretty cool. It is somewhat tight to pull out of its little recess though, but can be locked without the key, which is a nice feature.

Yakima FullBack 2 in use

I live on a gravel road, which meant plenty of bumps, dust and rattles to try to upset the FullBack. Once on the highway the roads are a non-stop series of corners and lateral forces. In spite of these challenges, the rack worked without complaint on two different vehicles. 

Built for drop-bar road bikes, mostly

Yakima FullBack 2 bottom line

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