Wahoo Kickr Snap review

The Wahoo Fitness Kickr Snap is a smart resistance trainer that wirelessly connects with smartphones and computers for an interactive experience with third-party software such as Zwift or TrainerRoad.

As the younger sibling of the original Kickr, the electromagnetic Snap offers a great road feel, smooth transitions between resistance levels and an easy set-up.

It is also the quietest wheel-on smart trainer we have tested. However, the power measurement requires two sets of calibrations before you get accurate power.


[Editor’s note: This review has been updated from the original version, which called the power measurement ‘lousy’. We since discovered that a second, ‘advanced spindown’ calibration is required. Since doing that, power measurement on one unit was vastly improved. More on that below.]

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The Snap differs from the original Wahoo Kickr, which requires you to remove the rear wheel. With the Snap you can keep your rear wheel on, and after the one-time mechanical width adjustment, the big blue lever snaps the bike into place on the trainer.

However, because the wheel, tire and air pressure introduce variables into the power-measurement equation, you must do a spindown calibration each time you put the bike on the Snap. The Kickr doesn’t require this. Both must be plugged in to function.

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