TMR moldable Imprint Pro grips first ride review

Mountain bike technology has undoubtedly skyrocketed in the past few years. Practically every detail has been researched, engineered and developed numerous times over. Yet, when it comes down to it there are only a few points of actual contact between the rider and the bike: grips, seat, pedals. And UK-based TMR’s Imprint grips look to make improvements to one of these important touch points.

Its Imprint Pro moldable grips are claimed to provide 100 percent contact, grip better and decrease arm pump. They’re said to be remoldable as well.

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Boil, soak, and dunk

Molding the grips is pretty straightforward.


Boil some water, soak a mesh-covered grip for two minutes, dunk in cold water, then slide them on the handlebar and squeeze! Pop them back in the cold water for two more minutes and that’s it. 

I molded the grips three times, each time trying to squeeze as hard as I could. 

Out of the trail

TMR Imprint grips pricing and availability

You can

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