Stan’s NoTubes Flow MK3 wheelset review

  • Weight: 870g + 1,000g = 1,870g
  • Width: 28mm / 31mm
  • Freehub lag: 10°
  • Sizes: 27.5in, 29in

Stan’s NoTubes Flow rims have been a benchmark tubeless-ready trail rim for years and the latest MK3s brings it back into the ring with a contemporary width evolution of Stan’s proven features. Add updated hubs and the result is a buoyant, wider-tyre-compatible ride with none of the previous escaping axle-end irritation.

Stan’s started the whole tubeless conversion revolution with its NoTubes kits, before designing and manufacturing its own radical low side-wall Bead Socket Technology rims.

No surprise then that the Flow MK3s come pre-fitted with Stan’s signature custard-coloured sealing tape and with valves included in the box ready for an easy pop into place.


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The carefully shaped rim includes a low, sharp-edged Bead Socket lip that the tyre pops over as it expands to make for a secure seal. The resulting fit is trustworthy down to super-low teen pressures and the low sidewall helps it shrug off the rim-ding impacts well.

It’s wide enough to shape up 2.4–2.5-inch tyres without making 2.3-inch tyres too square and slow rolling, putting it in the sweet spot in terms of supporting the most popular trail tyres.

The windowed hubs and 32 J-bend (rather than straight pull) Sapim Force spokes are traditional and reliable (especially in the face of many flashy-looking or low-spoke-count setups that just cause spares problems). Combined with the shallow ‘WideRight’ rim that gives a smooth, shock-absorbing ride, they’re still accurate in terms of tracking. I’ve ridden them full gas for months without obvious denting, wobbling or de-tensioning too.

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