Shimano RP9 road shoes review

Shimano’s RP (road performance) shoes are a different take on what we’ve come to know as high-performance road shoes.

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Until recently, if you were after high-end shoes your were pigeon-holed into racing shoes, but as Shimano came to realise, the majority of us don’t often pin on a number. Shimano is not alone in this, with a few other endurance focused road models hitting the market, such as the Specialized Audax, for example.

The RP shoes put a premium on long-haul comfort, and without sacrificing too much performance. The first iteration of the RP9s saw a relaxed head and plush synthetic leather upper with heavily padded interior.


For 2018, the RP9 has been completely redesigned — ditching Velcro and ratchet straps for a single BOA, and the surround upper for a more traditional tongue.

The fit is also a bit more aggressive than the previous version of the RP9, especially with the new heel cup. There’s no fancy one-way sliver thread, or silicone anything, instead, the heel cup features a sizeable lip which makes for a suction cup-like fit.

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