Pirelli PZero Velo road tyre review

Pirelli’s legacy as a tyre manufacturer is legendary across motorsports, so when the Italian brand announced its entry into bike tyres expectations were high.

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We’ve had three riders testing the PZero Velo, Pirelli’s top-end road slicks, on two continents over the past few months, collectively putting thousands of miles into the tyres.  

With a 127tpi casing, the PZero features a moderate tread pattern derived from the brand’s Diablo Supercorsa motorcycle tyre. Pirelli has made heady claims about its Smartnet Silica compound, saying it has solved the wet weather grip or rolling resistance trade-off.


According to Pirelli, the molecules in this compound organise themselves in sticks rather than random balls, which is said to decrease rolling resistance and heat generation.

Interestingly, the PZero’s are made in France by an established tyre manufacturer, with the Supernet Silica compound shipped directly to the factory. Pirelli was reluctant to say which brand its working with but we’d guess it rhymes with ‘Shmuchutchenson’.

  • 10 of the best performance road tires lab tested

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