Kinetic Rock and Roll Smart Control review

This big green machine is a unique smart trainer. It clamps solidly to your rear axle and tire, but allows your entire bike to pivot side to side and even move a bit vertically as resistance is controlled by third-party apps such as Zwift or The Sufferfest.

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Rock and Roll Smart Control overview

  • Electric-motor resistance controlled by Kinetic’s app along with Zwift, TrainerRoad and other apps
  • Side-to-side bike movement
  • Huge footprint
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Okay but not great power measurement
  • Noise about average for a smart trainer (72dB at 200w/80rpm; 85dB max)

Rock and Roll Smart Control set up and ride impressions

Initial construction of the trainer is fairly straightforward: you put the steel legs on and bolt the resistance unit to the chassis.

Like with many smart trainers, calibrating the unit involves downloading the company’s app, connecting via Bluetooth, and doing a spindown calibration.


To ride, you can just use the Kinetic app, or wirelessly connect the Rock and Roll Smart Control via ANT+ or Bluetooth to a computer or tablet to use apps such as Zwift or TrainerRoad.

Like any smart trainer, the Rock and Roll responds to changes in resistance from apps, be that for power-based intervals or for climbs and descents in virtual worlds.

What is unique about this beast is how your whole bike can sway side to side while maintaining a solid connection to the resistance drum. It sits up higher than most trainers, so you definitely want to use a riser block, and ideally, Kinetic’s rotating ‘Turntable Riser Ring’ (£45 / $39).

Kinetic Rock and Roll Smart Control power comparisons

Kinetic Rock and Roll Smart Control overall

You can

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