Focus Sam2 e-MTB first ride review

Focus has just launched its longest travel e-bike yet. Based on the Sam enduro platform it offers a generous 170mm of travel at each end. Unlike the non-electric Sam, it makes use of Focus’s “FOLD” (Focus Optimised Linkage Design) suspension system as well as its modular battery system, dubbed “TEC” (tailored energy concept).

The FOLD suspension provides a regressive rate towards the sag point (for reasons which don’t really make much sense to me) before becoming moderately progressive after sag to add mid-end stroke support and resist bottoming out.

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Meanwhile, the TEC battery system is designed to offer plenty of oomph without too much unnecessary weight.


Most e-MTBs use a battery with around 500Wh of energy. In my experience, this is good for between 1,000m and 1,500m of climbing, depending on terrain and how you use it. Focus, however, argues this is more than necessary for 90 percent of e-MTB rides, and too little for some longer days out.

Instead, it uses a smaller 380Wh battery housed inside the down tube. This not only looks neat, but saves weight — both because the battery is smaller and because the cylindrical down tube is not structurally compromised to allow a battery to be slotted in and out.

Sam2 spec options and pricing

Sam2  Pro

  • Price: £6,699 / €7,699
  • Gearing: SRAM EX1
  • Fork: Fox 36 Factory
  • Shock: FOX DPS
  • Brakes: CODE RSC


  • Price: £4,399 / €4,999
  • Gearing: SRAM NX
  • Fork: Fox 36 Performance Elite
  • Brakes: Fox DPS shock, Magura MT5

Sam2 LTD

  • Price: £3,999 / €4,599
  • Gearing: Shimano XT mechanical
  • Fork: RockShox Yari
  • Shock: Deluxe R
  • Brakes: Magura MT2

Focus Sam2 ride impressions

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