Attaquer A-Line jersey and bibs review

Aussie kit brand Attaquer has its roots in unapologetically loud and lairy kits, and although it still offers plenty of bright and busy limited editions, the majority of its range has become a bit more subdued, but by no means boring.

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The latest addition to Attaquer’s kit range is the A-Line. Based around a more relaxed fit than the Race or Core kits, the A-Line Jersey and bibs come in bright colours with basic designs that are meant to be mixed and matched.

Attaquer A-Line jersey

Comparing my size medium A-Line jersey to the brand’s ‘race fit’ tops in the same size there is a bit more room through the torso. The fabric still fits close to the body and there is nothing flapping in the wind, but it’s not second skin tight in an effort to be aero either. There is also a women’s specific cut available.


Attaquer has also opted for quite long sleeves, which on me go most of the way down to my elbow. There’s no gripper at the bottom but there is no need as they stay put and don’t bunch.

Still made from Italian fabrics, the A-Line Kit is the brand’s most budget-friendly offering, it’s also the first time its kit has been made outside of Italy. While the tag says made in China, it’s clear the team at Attaquer have partnered with a reputable manufacturer as there is no lack of quality here.

Attaquer A-Line jersey bibshorts

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